Training for police forces at EIFORCES [fr]

The International School of Security Forces (EIFORCES) of Awaé has hosted, for the second time, the Operational Crossing Monitor course for the police force that ended on November 16, 2018. Framed by seven Cameroonian trainers with the support of a French gendarme expert, the internship was attended by 18 trainees from 11 differents nationalities.

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Family photo on the occasion of the 2nd Operational Crossing Monitor internship
Photo credit: EIFORCES

This training aims at developing the capacities to act in the best conditions of safety in dangerous environment, for all the police missions but also for the relief to the people.

During his closing speech, General Bitote, Director General of EIFORCES, highlighted the quality of the training provided but especially the support of France and its cooperators, who work for the radiation of the EIFORCES.

Dernière modification : 20/11/2018

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