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The Research Institute for Development (IRD) is a French institution related with science and technologies, under the joint supervision of the Ministries of Research and Cooperation.

As part of the reform of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the IRD was chosen as an operator to implement its research projects. IRD researchers are working in almost fifty countries.


The scientific programs focus on the relationship between man and his environment in South countries to contribute to their development. They are carried out in partnership with 72 research units and services belonging to three scientific departments. Research is conducted in conjunction with higher education institutions and French research institutions and with its southern partner countries.

The IRD Cameroon has four core missions:

  • Research

The IRD is conducting scientific programs mainly on health, particularly on emerging and re-emerging diseases as malaria, AIDS, Ebola, etc. but also on nutrition and maternal health.
Other important works focus on the priorities “resources and water access " and " Climate change and natural hazards ".

  • The expertise and development and scientific information

The Institute of Research for Development (IRD), initiated at the end of 2002 a scientific culture policy with the Cameroonian youth. This action was supported by the creation of JRD clubs (Youth for Research and Development). This scientific culture with youth policy was reinforced in 2004 by the implementation by the French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs (MAE) of the Program for scientific and technical culture (PCST). The objective is to strengthen national capacities for the production and dissemination of scientific and technical culture, to professionalize actors federate initiatives, to mobilize decision-makers and to provide visibility to the actors and their projects. The beneficiaries are associations, NGOs, cultural institutions, universities and research organizations.

  • Support and training

Since 2002, the department "Support and Training of Southern scientific communities, (DSF)" established "Young Associate Teams IRD" (JEAI) on the basis of a partnership with the research units (UR / UMR) of the Institute. This device, original or "unique", aims to foster the emergence and strengthening of research teams in developing countries. 45 teams were selected since the program began.

Contact details:

ELIG-ESSONO neighborhood
BP 1857 Yaoundé Cameroon

Tel: + (237) 222 20 15 08 / + (237) 222 20 18 54


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