The International Cooperation Direction - (Internal Security Service - ISS)

The Internal Security Service is the representation in Cameroon of the French National Police, National Gendarmerie and Civil Security. Interlocutor of local police authorities, it implements security cooperation defined by the Minister of the Interior, Overseas France and Territorial Communities.


Since a long time, France participates to international cooperation on internal security. In 1961, the International Police Cooperation Service (SCTIP) was created to bring the French know-how to different countries after their independences. Since the 1st of September 2010, this service has evolved into the International Cooperation Direction (ICD) whose characteristic is to be the first fully joint service between the Police and the Gendarmerie.

The police officers and gendarmes ensure by their presence in their countries of assignment, a single police cooperation network unique in the world regarding its number of open positions and the broad scope they cover.

To better address the various threats which come from outside our borders such as terrorism, transnational organized crime, drug trafficking and weapons, the fight against irregular immigration, cybercrime ..., country cooperation must increase. To carry out bilateral and multilateral cooperation, France can rely on its network of internal security services deployed in 78 embassies. This network, composed of 300 police officers and gendarmes, covers 153 countries. These professionals are internal security attachés (ASI), their deputies ASIA, liaison officers, assistants, cooperating officers or international technical experts...

Contact information:

  • Yaoundé:

Address: Embassy of France in Cameroon Plateau Atemengue
BP 1631, Yaounde-Cameroon

Phone: (00 237)
Fax: (00 237)

  • Douala:

Address: Consulate General of France in Douala
BP 869, Douala-Cameroon

Phone: (00 237)

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