The International Cooperation Centre in Agronomic Research for Development (CIRAD) :

In Cameroon and in the sub region, the CIRAD focuses around a major issue that is ecological intensification. This is to invent agriculture both more productive in order to feed the world’s largest with quality food but also more respectful of the environment and biodiversity. The CIRAD focuses also on forest, implementing sustainable management systems of forests in the Congo Basin area.

CIRAD in Cameroon is composed of a Regional Director and a staff of 20 people based in the Institute of Agricultural Research for Development (IRAD), in the African Centre for Research on banana and plantain (CARBAP) and in the International Agency for Research on forests (CIFOR).


The CIRAD develops research methods in partnership with research users:

-  In the north of the country, it works closely with the Regional Research Pole applied to the development of Central African savannahs (PRASAC) in particular through the FSP project to support regional research for the development of Central African savannahs ( ARDESAC);
-  In the south of the country, CIRAD is the competence center through the partnership "Grand Sud Cameroon" with the IRAD and the Universities of Dschang and Yaoundé I, on integrated management of family farms in humid agro-forest ecosystems.

Each year, the CIRAD receives some thirty Cameroonian and French trainees. It also participated in group training on action research in partnership, land resources, or statistical data processing...

Its main areas of intervention are:

- The support for agro-industrial export sectors: cocoa, cotton, oil palm, banana
- Local development and food security: management advice to family farms, action research in partnership
- A sustainable management of natural resources: forests of the Congo Basin, cocoa agroforestry area, fertility in the cotton belt ...

Contact details:

Rue Joseph Balla Essono
BP 2572 Yaoundé Cameroon
Tel: + 237 222 21 25 41
Fax: + 237 222 20 29 69

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