Security in Cameroon

Most common swindlings

1. Someone suggests that you buy works of art from the traditional chieftainships BAMOUN (West Cameroon) for relatively low prices, to resell them shortly after to another buyer who gives you a tempting price and establishes a purchase contract

2. A company, allegedly Cameroonian, contacts you for business. It proposes you its products at a certain price (corn, precious stone, seeds...). It suggests putting you in relation with the tax departments of Cameroon to validate the contract governing your business partnership (sometimes it doesn’t even suggest that).

3. Government members or a Cameroonian administration, wishing to buy a large quantity of your company’s products (furniture, armament, various equipments, cars…), offer to finance an expert team or a governmental delegation which will go to your company to estimate your ability to provide the quantities asked.

4. An individual or a company selling pets (dog, cat, parrot), also offers to manage the transport of these animals up to your place of residence, and is presenting you certificates of transit (or certificates from an animal insurance company) in exchange of the payment of advances.

5. Following regular "virtual" contacts on the Internet with a person, she explains that she is blocked during a journey to Cameroon and asks for a financial assistance to leave the country.

6. Offer, after a more or less long bait, to help you get back a very large sum of money (inheritance, blocked bank account, bingo…) in exchange for the preliminary payment of a small amount of money.

“Cyber-swindlings”, steps to take :

1- Never act out of rush or under the pressure of your correspondents.

2- Seize the Ministry of External relations in order to check the contracting partner.

3- Contact the French Embassy in Yaoundé (services of internal security) at this number: (00237 ) 22 22 79 18 or 17.

4- To obtain information rapidly, call the Central Department of Judicial Searches:
Gendarmerie nationale
Service central des recherches judiciaires
BP : 1632 Yaoundé Cameroun
Tel : 00 237 22 22 46 84
00 237 98 48 17 28

5- You can also get useful information in France at any service of police or gendarmerie, contact this number if you’ve been victim of a swindle : 0811 02 02 17 (charge free number) or forward suspicious e-mails or web site to

For any further information we also invite you to visit the French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs’ website, section “Advise to travellers”.

Dernière modification : 23/07/2014

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