Numerous condolences following the Nice attack

The condolence book made ​​public on July 18th and 19th following the attack of Nice has attracted crowds of people who wanted to express their pain. Among them were many diplomats and Cameroonian authorities. A minute of silence was observed, followed by the echoes of the Marseillaise ringing in the lobby of the Embassy on Monday, July 18th.


The French Embassy in Cameroon would like to thank, for their care at this tragic time :

  • The Cameroonian authorities
    Mr Philémon Yang, Prime Minister
    Mr Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh, Secretary General at the Presidency
    Ms Minette Libomlilikeng, Minister of Posts and Telecommunications
    Mr Jean-Baptiste Bokam, Secrétary of State of Defense in charge of the national police force.
  • Foreign embassies who expressed condolences on behalf of their respective countries.
  • International organizations : representatives of OHADA and UNESCO have come to pay tribute to the victims.
  • French people : French actors working on the territory wrote (ADFE, Bolloré Group, Consular Advisor Thierry Dupleix), but we do not forget the coming of all those French nationals who wished to express their horror of the Nice tragedy.

Dernière modification : 15/11/2016

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