Magali Pialat is the new Director of Business France in Cameroon [fr]

Magali Pialat arrived in Douala in September 2018. She already has a rich international experience supporting and promoting French businesses and their products abroad.

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Magali PIALAT, Director of Business France in Cameroon
Photo credit: Business France

Her first posting was in Mexico, followed by four years in London where she helped develop relationships between British and French businesses. She further chose to relocate to Africa. She spent five years in Addis Ababa where she was in charge of the creation of the regional office of Business France, covering Ethiopia but also Djibouti and Sudan.

Strongly interested in entrepreneurial initiatives and in development cooperation, she is very glad to work on a continent which she sees as full of opportunities.

Business France is the French national agency whose purpose is to support small and medium-sized enterprises wishing to develop their exports. . It is also in charge of the promotion of foreign investments in France and more generally of its economic attractiveness.

It manages International Volunteering in Business, a program which makes it possible for French companies to hire young people from 18 to 28 years in support of their activitiesabroad.

Very enthusiastic about her mission, Magali Pialat says the following about the projects of Business France in Cameroon:

"Beautiful events are planned in 2019 and in the coming years to strengthen trade links between Cameroon and France. Our team will organize a beautiful French Pavilion at the Promote fair in February 2019 in Yaounde. French companies seeking to develop in Cameroon where French subsidiaries are already installed are invited to participate and to visit the dedicated website."

Cameroon is France’s leading commercial partner in Central Africa (for all products except for oil) with € 657 million in exports in 2017. Many Cameroonian projects are of interest to French companies and we encourage French businesses to take an interest in this " Africa in miniature" and to collaborate with their Cameroonian partners to meet the needs of the country. We are also ready to help Cameroonian entrepreneurs considering facility business investment in France.

The agri-food, agriculture and livestock/aquaculture sectors, for example, will have to modernize in the coming years. Cameroonian consumers also enjoy French wines, especially Bordeaux productions. The quality of health equipment and parapharmacy products, as well as cosmetics, is also appreciated on the market. In addition, many projects in the construction, energy and hydrocarbons, transport and infrastructure sectors contribute to the development of the Cameroonian economy. Finally, let us mention the digital technologies, which contribute to the digitization of the economy or the development of e-commerce in particular.

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