Launches of the Abang’s CASIP forum in the presence of the ambassador

On Thursday 4 May, the Ambassador of France participated at the launch of a trade Forum organised by the Center for Social Support for Professional Integration (CASIP) with the association APAJ (Association for the Support of Self-Employment of Youth).

On this occasion, the learners were able to make him visit the forum stands and the workshops of the center, built thanks to a subsidy of PRODESO (Franco-Cameroon Program for Solidary Development) amounting to 93,000 euros, and inaugurated in January 2015 By Christine Robichon.


CASIP was created in 2003 by the association APAJ, in order to allow disadvantaged young people from the NSAM district to receive practical training on aesthetic, sewing, IT, etc. Allowing them to create their own business.

Faced with the success of this system and given the high demand for qualified jobs in certain sectors for which professionals are unable to find the right skills, CASIP has decided to diversify its training offer and offer a higher level that prepares young people to position themselves on salaried jobs.


Initially oriented around the electricity sectors (Building and industrial) and industrial maintenance, the center intends to prepare young people for the trade of skilled worker or technician. In the long term, the center intends to develop higher level training courses such as a professional (BP) and a technician (BT) diploma and, on the other hand, to diversify its training in other sectors for which There is also a demand for skilled jobs not covered.


The pedagogical offer will consist in giving young people a solid training in the sectors concerned, but also preparing them to enter the active life by enabling them to acquire the knowledge, aptitudes and the practices necessary for the mastery and the " Exercise of a particular trade.

Teaching is structured around modules of general, technological and professional education combining theory and practice with learning and production workshops that allow students to practice on real work, gain autonomy and Sense of responsibility.


It has benefited from several French funding since 2002 for the first center in Nsam, then in 2014 for the construction of the new center of Abang, and finally in 2016 with the support of the deputy Jean-Yves LECONTE, via the parliamentary reserve.

Dernière modification : 24/10/2018

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