French Alliances

Presentation and history of French Alliances (AF) :

Founded in 1883, the French Alliance of Paris aimed to spread the French language and bring closer France and other nations through trade language and culture. Since then, the association has become the radiant center of a worldwide network of several hundreds of cultural institutions.

An Alliance is always based upon local law : it belongs to its host countries. Alliances of Cameroon are Cameroonian associations of men and women volunteers, working in cultural development.

Open to everybody in a sense of mutual respect, these associations are politically religiously neutral. The General Assembly of the Association elects a Management Committee with a Bureau with the President who represents the association in law.

Closely with the Director, a French technical assistant, the Committee defines a cultural project adapted to the local realities. Some components of this project are common to all the Alliances (library, cultural activities, etc.)

Conducted differently depending on the local environment, they allow the creation of a network between themselves and with the other French Cultural Centers as the French Institutes.

The AF are places of meetings and exchanges that aims to support cultural and artistic life in their own different areas.

In Cameroon, there are five AF located in Dschang, Garoua, Ngaoundere Francophone areas, Bamenda and Buea in Anglophone areas.

Their aim is to develop various local cultural activities while contributing:

  • to a better mutual understanding between France and Cameroon by the promotion of cultural and language exchanges
  • to promote literature through reading activities and through the development of their libraries
  • to the development of various cultural activities through the organization of exhibitions, theater, music or dance shows, film projections, workshops, etc.
  • the organization of debates of ideas
  • to involve young people in cultural life

The French Alliance of Bamenda

The French Alliance Bamenda, located in an English-speaking area, focus on the teaching of French as a Foreign Language (FLE) in order to promote French language and French culture in this area.

In 2001, a new multipurpose room allowed this property to increase its capacity. In 2003, the AF gave a national dimension to Bamenda launching the inter-schools competition called "Whiz Kids.";

Committee Chair: Dr. Matthew Gwanfobe
Director: Ricardo Nana


  • Contact details:
    BP. 190 Veterinary Junction

    Bamenda - Cameroon

    Tel. : (00 / + 237) 233 36 31 45; (00 / + 237) 699 43 13 38


The Franco-Cameroonian Alliance of BUEA

Close to the economic capital Douala, located at the base of the Cameroon Mount, the AFC is a beautiful former Consulate of France. As Bamenda, it is located in an English-speaking area and has all the necessary infrastructure allowing cultural and linguistic activities.

Committee Chair: Mr. Valentine Itor
Director: Marc Trillard


  • Contact details:
    Franco-Cameroonian Alliance of Buea

    PB 302 Buea - Cameroon

    Tel. : (00 / + 237) 233 32 25 64


The Franco-Cameroonian Alliance of DSCHANG

The Franco-Cameroonian Alliance of Dschang is located in the city near the university. It hosts a growing number of students seeking information on France and on Francophone issues. Pionner in the field of Plastic Arts artist residencies, it enjoys, since May 2003, a multipurpose room of 200 seats.

Committee Chair: Moses Timtchueng
Director: Gaëtan Montoriol


  • Contact details:
    Address: PB 117 Dschang

    Tel: 00 (237) 696 52 28 43


The French Alliance of GAROUA

Located near the relay Saint Hubert in the center of Garoua, this is an extremely active cultural center, with an outdoor theater of 600 seats, a library of 13,616 titles and many workshops and leisure activities organized. The mission of its Alliance is regional as its programming is extended to the cities of Ngaoundere and Maroua.


  • Contact details:
    Committee Chair: Mr. Oumarou Saly

    Director: Pierre Barbier (Cel. 699 50 02 75)

    Address: S / C Consular Agency of France - BP 127 Garoua, Cameroon

    Phone: (+00 237) 222 27 19 32



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