EIFORCES participation to IAPTC’s 22nd conference in Sarajevo

For its second participation in the IAPTC, the International School for Security Forces (EIFORCES) in Yaoundé was present in Sarajevo on Sept. 24th-30th, 2016, with a delegation led by the Deputy General Director.

More than 44 nationalities and 150 members participated, thus demonstrating the importance of this kind of forum. Topics discussed and organized group work corresponded to the different issues that civil, military and security forces faced during peacekeeping operations (PKOs). The newly UN-certified EIFORCES as an institution of excellence in the field of training was present. The many contacts made and lessons on feedback on best practices of the field have undoubtedly increased the visibility of this school - a visibility that is getting stronger.

Support of France to EIFORCES

EIFORCES is a Cameroonian project supported by France from the start, which has three objectives: to contribute to strengthening regional stability, to improve security governance of the participating countries and to promote common standards within police forces and gendarmerie deployed in the context of peacekeeping operations.

The financial support of France was manifested in 2009 by both the restoration of public order training facilities on the AWAE site and the purchase of ammunition and equipment and the funding for specific training. Since then, French support is focused on the continued state of facilities and equipment as well as funding for some courses. In 2014, 387,000 euros have been allocated to support the project.

The France also provides two cooperatives dedicated to the project as technical advisors of the Director General of EIFORCES. Their tasks, formalized by a decree and an agreement, is to facilitate the development of the project and ensure sustainability.

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