Ambassador visits the Diocese of Sangmélima

At the invitation of Bishop Christophe Zoa, the French Ambassador visited the Diocese of Sangmélima on January 19 and 20.

The Ambassador was welcomed to Sangmélima by the students of the school group and the bilingual college Notre Dame du Rosaire in Akon, where he also met the staff of the establishment, two French cooperants and local authorities.


In the afternoon, he went to the Catholic Mission of Bengbis. Welcomed once again by the students of the school, he then visited the works of the mission, beginning with the church, then the dispensary, the school and the shelters for the pupils, the mission mainly involving children Bakas, hosted throughout the school year on site.


On the way back, the Ambassador made a stopover at the Catholic Mission in Nden, visiting the church, school and cocoa plantations.

For the second day of the visit, Gilles Thibault went to Djoum. After meeting with the local authorities, he visited the site of the Rougier forestry company, then went to the Catholic Mission, where he also toured the school, the dispensary and the shelters for the Bakas students.


Dernière modification : 10/02/2017

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