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  • Merging design and industry to stimulate innovation

    “Create forums for discussion and try to sow the seeds for France’s Apple of the future.” This is the aim of the organizers of the international Industry and Design (ID) Summit, to take place in Nantes on 5-6 September.

    For the 1st Industry and Design Summit, the Premier Cercle think tank and Le Public Système agency have

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  • A bright future for France’s “green tourism” sector

    France is the world’s leading tourist destination, and its tourism industry generates close to 900,000 direct salaried jobs. To remain competitive, the country adapts to increasingly varied demand. One example is “green tourism”: Sustainable development is gradually gaining ground in French tourism strategies.

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  • Nuclear energy is a French industrial sector of excellence

    France ranks second after the United States with 58 reactors and possesses globally acknowledged expertise in the nuclear sector which is the fruit of the constant commitment and investment of French industrial groups and SMEs for the past 60 years.

    The French nuclear sector is currently

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  • France: World leader in luxury goods

    According to a survey by Bain & Company, a global management consulting firm, growth in the world luxury sector increased by about 10% in 2012. French companies, which account for a quarter of worldwide turnover, are the most dynamic in the sector.

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  • Innovation is the propeller of French water sports

    The French boat industry is a strong exporter, largely due to its innovations, which are these days turned towards promoting environmentally friendly yachting. Its creative imagination also lends itself to furthering the more fanciful end of the yachting market with futuristic prototypes piloted by celebrity sailors.

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  • The highly competitive French art market

    It is boom time for the art market in France. 2011 was a year that beat all records: art dealers realised a total turnover of 2.38 billion euros, an increase of 8.6% on 2010. While spectacular sales tend to happen at the auctions, a fair proportion now take place at art fairs, by private sale. For instance, the FIAC international contemporary art fair in Paris, held in the Grand Palais from 18 to 21 October 2012, brings in

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  • Serge Haroche, the new French Nobel Laureate in Physics

    After his compatriot Albert Fert in 2007, it is the
    turn of Serge Haroche to be awarded this year’s Nobel
    Prize in Physics. The Nobel Academy has awarded the
    prize for his work in quantum physics.

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  • France excels in minimally invasive surgery

    French experts are recognised worldwide for
    breaking new ground in the development and teaching of
    what are known as minimally invasive surgical techniques,
    particularly in transgastric surgery. The constant
    innovations in robotics and virtual techniques in operative
    practice are opening up new possibilities, such as surgical
    interventions that leave no visible scars.

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  • Autolib’: zero noise, zero fumes, zero pollution - A world first in Paris

    Six months after the launch of this genuine
    world first in Paris, Autolib’ self-service electric
    cars are now well established in the capital.
    Electric car hire for very short periods: a new form
    of urban transport, but that’s not all…

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  • High-speed rail: on track for the future

    Public land transport is developing in
    France and throughout the world, with a growing
    trend towards high-speed cross-border trains,
    trams and regional trains. Technological
    innovations are increasing and French expertise,
    represented to a large extent by the firm Alstom,
    has a well-established reputation.

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