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  • French online success stories

    While it is true that many technological innovations have been created in the birthplace of IT in
    California, the French have been able to harness the Internet’s global success by developing
    models for the digital economy which have now become essentials, both in France and beyond.
    It is not widely known, for example, that sites such as Dailymotion, Meetic, Deezer, Ventes
    privées, Le Bon Coin, Cdiscount, Au fé, Criteo and Withings were all created by
    The essentials
    Founded in 2005 and bought out by Orange telecommunications group, the Dailymotion video-sharing
    website is without doubt one of

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  • Dazzling fireworks

    People have marvelled at pyrotechnic displays for centuries. This summer, our nights
    will once again be lit up by fireworks. In this sector, French pyrotechnists have
    developed specific expertise, which is sought after throughout the world.
    The fireworks market is worth a considerable amount. Each year, €4 billion is spent on
    firecrackers and fireworks
    worldwide. China remains not
    only the primary producer
    and exporter but also the
    greatest consumer of
    pyrotechnic products,
    accounting for 50% of global

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  • France’s Big Ambitions for "Big Data"

    The volume of computer data generated worldwide is set to double every 18 months until 2020. IT and
    digital services companies are developing and implementing powerful computers to respond to strong
    demand for storage and processing of massive quantities of data, more widely known as "Big Data".
    The aim is to manage the exponential growth of an enormous volume of information, and France is
    well placed in this fast-growing sector.

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  • A world first for the human heart in Paris

    For the first time anywhere, a total, permanent artificial heart, designed by the biomedical firm Carmat, has been implanted into a patient. This 100% French medical prowess was performed by a team at the Georges Pompidou European Hospital in Paris, led by Professor Alain Carpentier, a specialist in cardiovascular surgery. This audacious and risky procedure represents a magnificent hope for the 20 million patients suffering from heart failure in Europe and the United States.

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  • France, a leading seed exporter

    In France, the seed sector has not suffered the effects of the crisis. Agricultural products
    including maize, oilseed rape, vegetable seeds and linseed are central to the soaring rise
    of France’s agriculture and agrifood industries.
    Enjoying very good climate conditions, innovative and diversified crops and an excellent image
    abroad, France’s agriculture exported seed and seedlings
    worth €1.42 billion over the 2012-2013 period: a year-onyear
    rise of 15%. “That’s the equivalent of 20 Airbus A320s”,
    says François Burgaud, external

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  • France ranked in the global top-three for innovation

    There’s no shortage of innovation in France! In its October 2013 ranking of the world’s most innovative countries, the Thomson-Reuters Agency placed France in third position.

    Twelve French groups among the world’s most innovative.

    In this ranking, the American agency lists the companies and research centres which are developing a highly dynamic patent policy (volume of patents published, the rate of granted patents and their influence).

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  • French-style franchising - an attractive model

    French franchises are flourishing! As the leaders in Europe, they have seen their numbers double
    in the past ten years, with steady growth of between 8% and 11% over the last five years. The
    number of franchises is increasing by 5% to 10% annually - in 2012, there were an estimated
    1,658 networks, with a turnover of €50.68 billion (compared to €47.88 billion in 2011).

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  • The Metz International Fair: a showcase for the dynamism of Lorraine

    Lorraine will once again be the centre of attention from 27 September to 7 October during the 78th Metz International Fair. This event illustrates the dynamism of the businesses of one of France’s leading exporting regions.

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  • Merging design and industry to stimulate innovation

    “Create forums for discussion and try to sow the seeds for France’s Apple of the future.” This is the aim of the organizers of the international Industry and Design (ID) Summit, to take place in Nantes on 5-6 September.

    For the 1st Industry and Design Summit, the Premier Cercle think tank and Le Public Système agency have

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  • A bright future for France’s “green tourism” sector

    France is the world’s leading tourist destination, and its tourism industry generates close to 900,000 direct salaried jobs. To remain competitive, the country adapts to increasingly varied demand. One example is “green tourism”: Sustainable development is gradually gaining ground in French tourism strategies.

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